Stephen G.

From Hoffman, MN

This CBD rocks it really helps with my colon pain, my IBS, and my Diabetes. I take 500mg Orange Flavor Tincture

Susie G.

From Hoffman, MN

We like your CBD Oil. My diabetes has gone down 100 points since I started taking it.  I take 500mg Orange Flavor Tincture twice daily. 

Rebecca  M.

From Sauk Centre, MN

I have less pain and I’m taking less pain meds.  I am taking 600mg CBD Capsules with Curcumin, once daily.

Brenda B.

From New Munich, MN

OMG where do we start, my husband has been suffering with knee pain for over 30 years, due to an injury, surgery couldn't fix the arthritic pain he continued to have, BUT once we found ProFusion CBD + Wellness of Sauk Centre, it’s like a miracle, he hasn't had pain for 2 months now since using your products, also he suffered from night terrors that would have him yelling and kicking in the middle of the night, that is also gone, WE THANK GOD FOR YOU GUYS EVERY DAY! He takes 1000mg Peppermint.

Clara Taft

From Long Prairie, MN

I was having very bad back  spasms from 2 surgeries before taking any of ProFusion's CBD Oils and now I don't have any.  I am currently taking a dose in the morning and sometimes a dose in the evening as needed.  I am taking ProFusion's 1000mg Peppermint Oil Tincture.  Yes, I would recommend this product!!!

Lori Arceneau

From Albany, MN

I am using a 500mg Tincture Oil from ProFusion CBD + Wellness of Sauk Centre.  I take a dose in the morning and another dose in the evening.  It has helped me relax more and it has also helped a lot with my hot flashes.  Yes, I would recommend this product to others!

Jane Berns

From Sauk Centre, MN

I had trouble over stomach pain daily, I don't have pain anymore and actually have an appetite.  I take a dose of ProFusion CBD + Wellness 500mg Tincture Oil drops every morning!

Joyce Maus

From Pierz, MN

I use a few of ProFusion CBD + Wellness products.  I very much like the Anti-Aging cream!  It seems like it helped so now I am upping the dose and getting the 1000mg Tincture Oil


From Sauk Centre, MN

R. Stone

From Sauk Centre, MN

This product relieved the stiffness in my knees since my knee replacements.  It has also helped relieve my anxiety.  I take 500mg Tincture Oil twice a day every day.

Sheila Petermeier

From Melrose, MN

I'm taking 500mg Tincture Oil from ProFusion CBD + Wellness of Sauk Centre.  I came into this 5 months ago, being skeptical about this working and IT HAS!!!  My chronic pain is almost 90% under control, Thanks Jorge!

Deborah Stelling

From Sauk Centre, MN

I'm taking 500mg Tincture Oil once daily.  My wrists swell and ache, and this product has helped the pain.  I really like the product.

Irene Bjelland

From Burtrum, MN

Thank God for Profusion CBD + Wellness of Sauk Centre. They have seriously saved my mom. She was prescribed Opiods for years for her back pain, and her health declined to the point of nursing home care and was still in pain. The doctors tried everything they could. Then on our own, we tried CBD for her, and she's doing amazing. She is even thinking of getting her own apartment now. She has been given her life back! I highly recommend Profusion CBD + Wellness of Sauk Centre!

Tami N.

From Sauk Centre, MN

This product has relieved my joint pain.  I have my life back!  Thank You ProFusion CBD!

I'm using the 1000mg Oil  drops and Gummies.

I take two gummies in the evening and the oil drops in the morning and evening

Jeanne Wolbeck

From Albany, MN

This product has lowered my sons anxiety.  CBD got him off Prozac, which caused him to have a mouth tick.  He takes it daily, once in the mornings.  He is taking one 25mg softgel from the Regular Softgel 750mg Bottle.

Linda Lance

From Elrosa, MN

It makes me feel better.  I feel much better taking CBD Oil Tincture.  I have more energy and less pain.  I really don't like being without it.  I have recommended it t oseveral people.